One year in Pelly!

It has been a year since I moved to Pelly in Dec. 2015. Time’s too fast! Isn’t it?

I never forget this year, 2016.

1. I’ve started my full time (kind of) ministry in a Canadian church.

2. I’ve started living in a rural area and it was the first time to live full time in a rural area. It was great challenge for me, for my family as well.

3. I served two Youth group camps in this area.

4. My church had two kids clubs in this year. Today was the last day of one of kids clubs for this season.

4. I taught Christian Ethics at a Canadian Bible college near here.

5. Even though it is difficult, I could meet several First Nation friends near here and I believe I still have friendship with them.

6. I became the first ordained Korean/Asian Pastor at Evangelical Mennonite Conference.

It was amazing! When I came here, I did not expect to do these things because my church’s folks are mostly silver group; average 70 years old and small(30 regular members but still super active and supportive.)
Pelly is quiet smaller than Toronto but for me, it is bigger than Toronto. It gave me a lot of ministry opportunities.

I give thanks to God leading me into this wonderful area and allowing me to start Canadian ministry. All of them are God’s wonderful gifts to me!

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