Biblical Non-violence/ Living life as pacifist

1. It is really big theme/subject matter for Anabaptist or even for every Christian because Jesus has shown perfect example for the life and He has taught it to His disciples. If so, how can we live as a biblical pacifists, non-violence into this world?

2. Through foot-washing of Jesus Christ, we can barely understand what it is. In John 13, we can see an amazing picture. While Jesus was taking the Last Supper with His disciples, He suddenly washed His disciples feet with His hand. It was amazing! Teacher washed His student’s feet. Teacher served His student. Lord serves His servant. However, we should focus on several verses through John 13. Then we can know that Jesus showed the perfect model of pacifist. I want to call it He showed the model of Active pacifist through the foot washing.

3. John 13 started from stating about Jesus’ love. He love His people to the end. Who were His people? They were His disciples. In this point, we think that they were 12. He loved His disciples to the end. And while He was washing their feet, He said that he who is bathed meeds only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you. In this point, Jesus already knew who would betray Him.

4. Even Jesus knew Judas Iscariot would betray Him, He washed His feet. In fact, His disciples were dispersed when He was hung on the Cross. They were denied Him before the soldiers. However, Jesus did not care of it. Rather Jesus washed their feet. Jesus showed perfect love through foot washing.

5. Jesus forgave their fault or sin ahead of them. It is like this. I know you would betray me. I know you would deny me before my death but I don’t care. It’s ok because you are my disciples. Because you are my people, I will love you. I will declare I will love you. Therefore, you should do each other. You should wash the feet of Judas. You should wash the feet of Peter. This is forgiveness. This is to show love each other.

6. This is the life of non-violence/ biblical pacifist. Even we can know someone attack me, if we follow Jesus Christ, we should forgive them. I know it is difficult but we should do because Jesus showed it. Jesus still is teaching us to follow this one.

7. Last time, I participated in EMC conference and we discussed about foot washing. Still I believe that if it is able, we may have the foot washing at the church. As I already said that it is the way to love and forgive. It is not for being humble. This is because Jesus showed the perfect love through the foot washing.

8. It is still difficult for me to live as a Biblical pacifist but I will try. I want to try to live and keep this one through my life. This is why I write this short article and idea on Facebook.

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