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Announcement-Dec.27 2015

1. Welcome to Pelly Fellowship Chapel!

2. Happy New year!

3. Sunday school will be started from the January, 2016.

4. Did you have good Christmas time with the family? May God keep you and lead you for 2016 as He has led you in 2015.

5. We will have New Year’ Eve Fellowship on Thursday 7PM at the Church. Please Come and Join us!

About Pastor

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My name is Frankie Hyoungjin Kim and I am the pastor at Pelly Fellowship Chapel.

I am graduated from Tyndale Seminary as Master of Theological Studies in Biblical Greek in 2015 and I’ve started the pastoral ministry at Pelly Fellowship from December 2015.

In a free time, I mostly enjoy internet web surffing and listening to CCM. And, I am reading the Bible and books, magazines, and so on.

God sent me this wonderful Fellowship for the sake of His Kingdom. Through this chapel, I want to experience God’s holy work and I want to serve His people. We are small but we are bigger than any other congregations. We are still active.

Mostly welcome you and come to this chapel. Let’s worship together!

Dec. 13 2015

Exodus 2:24~25

1. God has used our circumstances and situations to awake us. When we are in stable and peaceful situation, we do not focus on God.

2. God wants to recover the relationship with us. This is because Sin breaks the relationship with God. In this point, repentance is to turn to God. Walking toward God.